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The Citizens of El Cajon call upon the City to adopt a Code of Ethics and Conduct for elected officials and members of appointed boards, commissions, and committees to assure public confidence in the integrity of local government elected and appointed officials. Read Code of Ethics


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We believe in keeping elected officials accountable to their word and their commitment to the communities they serve. Ben Kalasho is an elected official actively partaking in unethical and illegal activity — we'd like to see that end. This cannot be a standard we allow in any current (and/or future) official.

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Breach of Ethics

Ben Kalasho's offenses are extensive. We've consolidated some of the details included in each charge, allegation, accusation, and more. Take a look at the overwhelming evidence that exemplifies how ethics have been disregarded and breached intentionally.

LATEST / He is currently on probation for criminal insurance fraud


Kalasho claims people are trying to stop free speech, but that is contradictory to what we see/hear

This video is from The El Cajon City Council Meeting, October 2017. Ben Kalasho abuses govt power in an attempt to silence citizens. Kalasho does not care about free speech.

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Trading Sex for a pageant Crown

Kalasho created a fake Instagram account that posted pictures of Tawfiq's face on top of other naked women's bodies


Judge Deems Admitted: HARASSMENT, Defamation, Fraud

Kalasho [and wife] commingled assets of Chamber, pageant and personal funds, also defamed attorney Lina Charry.


Councilman tied to Beauty pageant fraud

An El Cajon councilman being sued for fraud and defamation involving a beauty pageant that he runs is counter-suing his accusers, saying he has been victimized by their unfounded charges.



Councilman Kalasho ordered to pay $30,000 attorney fees

According to the lawsuit filed last year, Kalasho and his wife spread a rumor online that Lina Charry, a San Diego lawyer had been seen performing a sex act in public.


Ben Kalasho... was fined $6,500 for improper campaign finance practices

According to investigators, Kalasho’s campaign committee  failed to report $10,380 in expenditures and received cash contributions of $100 or more in violation of state rules.


Evidence/Court Documents - Evidence filed is TRUE

Judge Timothy Taylor Ruling, covered in documents from the public database archive.



Fraudulent Real Estate Filing

Councilman Kalasho faces new accusations of fraud over allegedly false real estate document filings


Reporter accuses Kalasho of attempted assault

A reporter in East County has filed a police report accusing El Cajon Councilman Ben Kalasho of attempted assault.


Many have already spoken out publicly requesting Kalasho’s resignation

El Cajon City Councilman Ben Kalasho drew the ire of several East County journalists and residents at Tuesday’s meeting.



Chaldean Chamber of commerce ran as a FOR profit, non profit revoked

Franchise Tax Board to revoke the tax exempt status



Kalasho makes legal threats against news organizations

El Cajon Councilman Bessmon “Ben” Kalasho has escalated his war on media outlets that have published factual investigative reports on his business, political, legal and ethical controversies.


Anti-SLAPP Motion Granted (from counter suit mentioned in #8)

Legal filings tie Kalasho to fake social media accounts used to smear taco shop, offer details on "Fake" nude beauty queen photos.


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You agree with the common sense position that local government officials should have to agree to, and abide by a simple statement of Ethics. You also agree that, based on the evidence, Ben Kalasho has clearly violated even the most liberal standards of Ethical behavior for elected officials.


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